Amaranthine Geometry Bracelet

Limited edition of 5

Protects Shinta Mani Wild’s 843 acres and its wildlife for 34 days

Design available in other colours. Enquire

$15,800 USD

Availability: In stock

Inspired by the stone carved floral motifs seen in the temple walls of Angkor Wat, this simple yet luxurious bracelet is perfect for everyday glamour.

The geometric floral details on the inside of the piece are designed for your personal enjoyment. 

Just as a memory is a personal experience stored in our hearts and minds, the pieces from this collection are designed as a memento of your contribution to Wildlife Alliance and the beauty you are helping to protect at Shinta Mani Wild.

A simple, bold and elegant design with bezel set oval shaped amaranth garnets from Mozambique and vintage rose cut diamonds. Handmade from 24.91 grams of 18 karat rose gold, this bracelet is finished to a beautiful polish, with a safety catch closure for everyday wear. 

Other colours are available upon request and the bracelet can be customised to your unique wrist measurements. 

It would be a pleasure to assist you with any further enquiries regarding this bracelet. 

Please contact Kate McCoy directly here.


3 x aramanth Garnet origin Mozambique 3.10
2 x Vintage Rose cut Diamonds 0.22 carats
Au 750 18 karat rose gold 24.91 grams

This bracelet is available in other colours upon request and can be customised to your unique wrist measurements.

Nature Conservation

The jungle around Shinta Mani Wild is set on 843 acres, same as Central Park in NY, and costs $6,000 USD per month to protect.

Shinta Mani Map

The monthly ground ranger reports provide transparent accountability, and you may receive these reports to follow the progress of what your piece of jewellery will action to protect.


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