Bamboo Pendant

Limited edition of 5

Protects Shinta Mani Wild’s 843 acres and its wildlife for 40 days

Design available in other colours. Enquire

$17,375 USD

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This elegant and bold geometric pendant is inspired by Art Deco design, the colours of the Shinta Mani Jungle and rare Bamboo, a wonderful sustainable product that is used in place of the virgin forests that grow in areas surrounding Shinta Mani Wild and protected by the rangers there.

All the featured gems were hand selected by Kate McCoy to mirror the varied green shades of the Cambodian wilderness.

Tourmaline gems evoke the fresh, energising and revitalising nature of the jungle and radiant cut demantoid garnets elicit the warm sun glinting through the trees, with their high refractive indices bursting with brilliance, contrasting to the linear baguette shapes.

Diamonds cut a peak to the straight form of the linear design, glistening as in light catching the morning dew. 

The 18Karat yellow gold setting of the baguettes mimic the sections seen in the way bamboo naturally grows while the refined and deliberate lines work to a geometric harmony seen in Art Deco design.

The 18 karat yellow gold chain is distinctive and refined. At 42 centimetres long, the pendant is designed to sit front and center on the décolletage.

The chain length can be customised upon request. 

It would be a pleasure to assist you with any further information you require regarding this pendant.

Please contact Kate McCoy directly here.


9 x Tourmaline gems 10.3 carats
6 x Princess cut D VS Natural Diamonds 0.12 carats
4 x Baguette D VS Natural Diamonds 0.14 carats
AU750 – 18 karat yellow gold, 18 karat white gold 7.23 grams

Chain length can be customised upon request

Nature Conservation

The jungle around Shinta Mani Wild is set on 843 acres, same as Central Park in NY, and costs $6,000 USD per month to protect.

Shinta Mani Map

The monthly ground ranger reports provide transparent accountability, and you may receive these reports to follow the progress of what your piece of jewellery will action to protect.


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