Emerald Vines Cuff

Limited edition of 5

Protects Shinta Mani Wild’s 843 acres and its wildlife for 48 days

Design available in other colours. Enquire

$20,500 USD

Availability: In stock

Inspired by the verdant jungle vines of Shinta Mani Wild, what better colour than Natural Zambian emeralds to capture the lush and leafy greenery?

Just as a memory is a personal experience stored in our hearts and minds, this piece is designed as a memento of your contribution to Wildlife Alliance and the beauty and wildlife you are helping to protect at Shinta Mani Wild. 

The organic vine cutout details on the inside of these 18 karat yellow gold pieces are designed for the wearer’s personal experience. 

Available in other colours on request this cuff can be customized to your unique wrist size. 

It would be a pleasure to assist you with any further information you require regarding these earrings.  Please contact Kate McCoy directly here.


3 x oval emerald Origin Zambia carat weight 3.6 carats
2 x Vintage rose cut oval diamonds
1.5 carats
Au 750 18 karat yellow gold 19.82 grams

Made with a spring-loaded opening for ease in taking on and off and to ensure a secure fit. Finished with a soft matte sandblasting.

Available in other colours on request this cuff can be customized to your unique wrist size.

Please nominate your wrist size upon ordering. If you are unsure of your wrist size we can arrange a wrist sizing kit to be sent to you, or alternatively you may visit a local jewellery store and have them check your wrist size for you. Pricing may differ depending on your wrist size and colour request due to the total gram weight of gold and the difference in price of specific gems.

Nature Conservation

The jungle around Shinta Mani Wild is set on 843 acres, same as Central Park in NY, and costs $6,000 USD per month to protect.

Shinta Mani Map

The monthly ground ranger reports provide transparent accountability, and you may receive these reports to follow the progress of what your piece of jewellery will action to protect.


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